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Does your company work in the automotive industry? Then your potential literally drives around the roads! The vehicle population of your region contains all information that you require for marketing, sales, distribution and network planning. But how do you get a deeper insight into these data to really realize your potential and find out about your customer’s requirements, be it nationwide or regional? AutoView® offers diverse data and analysis methods and is just the perfect tool for answering such questions – you just have to use it!

“Risk comes from not knowing what you´re doing.”

– Warren Buffett

AutoView - geographische Analysen, Potenzialanalysen und vieles mehr

What’s inside AutoView®:

  • flexible geographic analyses
  • potential analysis for your product portfolios
  • visualization of results in tables, diagrams and map views
  • individual selection of your area of interest in 32 European markets as well as in selected global markets – even on postcode level depending on market
  • integration of your individual data, e.g. article data
  • always up-to-date, e.g. vehicle population by age or vehicle variants
  • car parc linked to TecDoc or your individual typology
  • location-based information and evaluations, such as competitor addresses

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For more than 20 years we´re catering the automotive industry as service provider and consultants.
We know the industry and their challenges. We dispose of the data, the experience and the expertise to support you to take on these challenges – and all of that we put into AutoView®.
You may have to race the competition by yourself, but with us you´re starting from the pole position!

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Who asks these questions?

Position yourself appropriately! As parts manufacturer, you want to position your products at large wholesalers and car manufacturers as required. To be able to supply their customers in the best possible way, you need the information about when and where the product is needed.

New analysis about the sales potential: Due to its various analysis-and reporting functions, AutoView® offers the basis for exactly this. Apart from price and quality of each new article, you recieve a new, decisive information: its calculated sales potential, oriented towards the licensed vehicle typed within the selected region.

With AutoView® , your sales department inhouse and especially externally is well prepared and informed. Together with the large sellers and parts dealers, you analyze especially the regional markets. Thus, you identify during the consultation which vehicle models are licenzed in the referring sales region at present and are able to identify the marketing opportunities of articles. Apart from that, you which kind of vehicle stock relevant for each region has not been taken into account in the parts production up to now.

Be informed about your competitive position. AutoView® informs you about your competitive position inside the region. With the help of this information, you are in a position to react specifically to the market. Get an overview about the supraregional level and the need of parts and plan specifically your production and sales.

Your added value:

  • Steering your marketing and sales planning more effectively and targeted
  • Giving priority to service-oriented customer loyalty instead of price discussions
  • Generating more turnover, contribution margin and profit
  • Simplify new customer acquisition
  • Carrying out analysis ad hoc and on the ground

As parts wholesaler you want to position yourself optimal in your targeted market. As you cater independent garages, OEM dealers, regional wholesales and fleets, your stock just has to have the right parts at the right time.

Determine the replacement demand on product and article level. AutoView® provides you all relevant information – precisely tailored and optimally prepared for you. Everything you could previously identify with a lot of effort, by estimating or by analysis of your customer’s order history, you just get by clicking a button: the replacement demand on product and article level in your region – based on the real stock of inventory structure. Identify your local competitors and potential customers as well.

Your added value:

  • Plan your marketing and your sales on a regional and supraregional level, according to your needs
  • Optimize stock and minimize costs
  • Discover gaps in your range of products and increase sales
  • Find new customers actively and effectively

Manufacturers and importers position themselves with authorized dealers and service partners on the market. It is important to be close to the customer in the referring sales aera and to provide the best service. Satisfied customers remain loyal to the service partner and recommand him to others.

Meaningful location analysis and evaluation: With AutoView®, you look around at any location and detect all independent garages and contract workshops are active in this region. Analyze the sales areas of your partners and receive meaningful location analysis and evaluation. Thus you offer the right original parts and service for repair, maintenance and service fast and effectively.

With AutoView®, you receive information about ne demand of original parts and the service potential, even on a supraregional level. You learn which kinds of vehicle models are on the roads, and you can plan effectively the stocking up of parts. AutoView integrates your individual product and article data and supports for example the decision if it is worthwhile to order or store parts for older vehicle models. You receive important figures down to regional area units. You can – for example – plan effectively some actions for areas where these vehicle models are on the roads to bring these cars back to their contract partner or service partner.

Your added value:

  • position sales-points of parts efficiently
  • Steer marketing activities for parts and service regionally
  • Use independent garages and car body shops to optimum effect (wholesales)
  • segments I and II back to the contract partner

You do not fit in any of these trays? We can handle that! AutoView® is interesting for many other fields in the automotive industry and is well suited for all kind of motor vehicle service providers due to its wide range of analysis and reporting features.
These imply:

  • gas stations
  • operating companies of car wash tunnel systems
  • automobile associations
  • leasing companies
  • banks
  • insurances
  • others

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