Foundation for all your business planning is the vehicle population in your respective sales area. A meaningful database for your calculations is established by an analysis of the car parc by diverse criteria.

AutoView® delivers vehicle information with a very deep level of detail. You can analyse car parc data not only by make, model, type or age but also by a number of (technical) criteria: horsepower, capacity, fuel type, but also data like body type or origin.


Regionale Potenziale mit AutoView entdecken

How well does a location really perform? How do you perform in your region, compared to your competitors? Questions like these are answered with AutoView®.

Combine the numerous tpyes of regional analysis of AutoView® with actual data of your sites. AutoView® delivers a solid base for meaningful calculation of realization of potential and market shares.

You benefit from our core competencies:

  • Gathering and processing of actual data
  • Mapping of relevant data streams
  • Enrichment of (dealer) data with market information

Whatever information you require – be it site performance, benchmarks of your network, definition of individual targets – just contact us!


Passende Angebote für Ihre Kunden mit AutoView

Do you have all suitable offers for your customers? For an optimal placement of your portfolio you may have to answer these questions:

  • What is the impact of the actual vehicle population on my article portfolio?
  • Are the vehicles with a significant population that I cannot cater with my current product range?
  • Are there articles in my stock that do not have any applications anymore?
  • What new and young vehicles come into the market place, that will be of relevance for my business within the next years?

The answer to all of these questions is AutoView®. Use this potential to get a grip on all relevant questions on your article portfolio.


What do your competitors offer – and you don´t?

You should ask yourself this questions on a regular basis. Because only when you know, how your competitors structure their product range, you are able to react and decide what you may offer. And you require reliable data for making these decisions.

Where do you get such data?
The easy answer is: AutoView®! AutoView® supports you in analyzing both your article range as well as the portfolio of your selected competitors.


Bauen Sie Ihr Händlernetzwerk auf mit AutoView

How can I develop my (dealer) network?

One crucial success factors for a powerful network is efficient planning and optimal distribution of your sites. But plain geo-based analyses are not sufficient. The essential questions are:

  • Where are competitors located?
  • What is the total potential of a region?
  • What are the local characteristics?

AutoView® answers these questions. Take your chance!